League History


The American Arena League is a first-year league by name, however, since it evolved through the merger of the Arena Pro Football League and the Can-Am Indoor Football League, its foundation is in its second year of arena football

American Arena League is a first-year league that will begin playing in the spring of 2018 and is run by a management team of industry veterans and retired professional athletes. Our team has over 30 years experience in working with and running sports organizations from minor league indoor football and baseball to major league baseball. It is our belief that AAL member teams need a strong support system from its league office to enhance their success. The AAL will provide training and mentoring services to our member teams to include:

  • Arena Negotiations
  • Marketing
  • Cash and Trade Sponsorship
  • Media
  • Budgeting
  • Group Buying Power
  • Staffing

History of Arena/Indoor Football

The arena/indoor football concept was originally derived from another sport played outdoors, indoor soccer. The first organized league The Arena Football League was played in 1987 and was televised on ESPN.

The game was played on fields identical in size to a standard professional ice hockey rink, 200 by 85 feet. Fields were 50 yards long with the 25 yard line being mid-field. Depending on the rink, each end zone was generally eight yards deep. This allowed for games to be played indoors because the field was slightly over half as wide as a standard football field.

While they have varied from league to league, the rules of arena/indoor football are designed to allow for an eight vs. eight football game. The arena/indoor football season typically begins in early spring.

Many leagues have been formed since the late 1980s. The most prominent have been the AFL and AFL2. Even with substantial television contracts leagues have not survived for a variety of reasons. The original leagues paid players higher salaries, and with the rising expense of playing in major cities, expenses rose. Additionally, owners could not agree on a business model. In fact, prior to the 2009 season several NFL owners owned Arena Football League teams prior to the league declaring bankruptcy.

In baseball, there has been a financially successful minor league system in place for many years. On the other hand, there have been a number of indoor football leagues that have started, for a variety of reasons, they have ceased to exist. Smaller cities have a population base that enjoy football and are looking for affordable family entertainment. Whereas a minor league baseball season consists of approximately 70 home games, arena/ indoor football plays five to seven home games each season.

The AAL staff has many years of experience in both indoor football and professional baseball. After analyzing and evaluating past arena/indoor football leagues and utilizing our experience at playing integral roles of profitable baseball teams, we formed the AAL.

Our television deal is in place, it will include the opportunity for weekly games and a weekly AAL Show. We will be aired nationally on major cable outlets, satellite like DirecTV as well as connected platforms that can be viewed on computers and cell phones. We are confident that the future is bright.

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