Cape Fear Heroes return to AAL in 2019

“It is with great enthusiasm that the American Arena League is announcing its fifth returning AAL team for the 2019 season. The Cape Fear Heroes and its owner Barbara Spigner are returning for another year of play in the AAL. The Heroes are an example of a model franchise and bring with them a strong track record of success”, stated AAL CEO, Tony Zefiretto.

The Cape Fear Heroes from Fayetteville, North Carolina confirmed the announcement as another returning member of American Arena League (AAL) for the 2019 season.

The Heroes are recognized across the nation as one of best operated teams both on and off the field in the last decade amassing a record of 38 wins and 14 losses. Since their inception, they have never had a losing season. During the span of seven years, the Heroes have appeared in postseason play every year and have three championships to their name 2012- AIF Champions, 2015- Platinum Bowl Champions, 2017- SIF Champions.

This past season, the Heroes were once again in the playoffs before losing to the eventual AAL Champions, 61 - 54.

The Heroes are owned by Barbara Spigner. No stranger to arena football, Barbara is the 2018 AAL Lifetime Achievement Award Winner for her contributions made to the sport. Barbara previously owned the Florence Phantoms arena team (2008 -2009) where she won her first arena championship (2008).

The Heroes are excited to return to the AAL and see many exciting opportunities for their team in the future. Their fans are used to seeing some of the best arena talent on the field and will continue to showcase that with a line-up of quality AAL teams.

“As the owner of the Cape Fear Heroes, I am proud to announce the signing of our 2019 contract with the American Arena League. I am also proud to announce my Partner and General Manager Mr. Jimia “JB” Brantley has joined me in full force with the Cape Fear Heroes. I feel the AAL is a fit for our organization and look forward to joining with them in enhancing the lives of our community through Arena Football. We provide good fun and wholesome family entertainment for our community and families with love, dedication and enjoyment. We want to say to the citizens of Fayetteville and other cities that suffered damages in hurricane Florence or other storms; a speedy recovery from your losses. May God Bless you all. Look out the HEROES are coming!!!

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