Tackling the Teams: New England Bobcats

A lot of fans wanted this. You got it. The Bobcats, who won the 2018 Elite Indoor Football Championship, will play in the Northern Division of the AAL in 2019.    

The Bobcats head coach this season is Julien Robinson. He comes to the team after coaching the Western Maryland Warriors in 2018. He finished the season 8-2. He also head coached the Baltimore Lightning. 

Robinson is a long-time head coach and well respected. Other coaches on the Bobcat's staff includes offensive coordinator Doug Berry, who's been been coaching for over 30 years. 

The assistant offensive coordinator is Darryl Berry, who was the offensive coordinator of the Bay State Bucs from 2014-2016, and went on to coach with the New Hampshire Charge in 2018.    

While there aren't huge names on the roster, the roster is mostly solid and was pieced together over a long series of tryouts. Returning players include wide receiver Alexander Perry, linebacker/fullback Armando Saez, running back Darryl Cyprien, running back/wide receiver Jared Taylor, wide receiver Markey Desruisseaux, defensive end/linebacker Milhomme Jean-Charles, offensive lineman Robert Orwell, linebacker Ruben Encarnacion, and wide receiver Troy Sullivan.   

Now, what is there to like about this roster? It's compiled of guys that Robinson likes and, well, it's smack full of guys that won a championship the year before. The two quarterbacks listed on the roster is Damion May and Giovanni Sanders. Both quarterbacks seem to fit the criteria Robinson is looking for. 

Watch out for this Bobcats team. They could sneak up like the Carolina Energy did last season. The situations are very similar.   

The Bobcats will play their home games at Driscoll Arena. Their season will kick off in a clash with the Jersey Flight on March 23.

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